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2015 Published Abstracts

Huffman, C.s., and K. Swanson. "The Impact of Infertility, Age, and Mental Health on Recovery from Miscarriage: A Bayesian Approach." Fertility and Sterility 104.3 (2015): E31-32. Web.

Yerkes, S.e., J. Rodriguez-Purata, J.a. Lee, M.c. Whitehouse, M. Daneyko, B. Sandler, and A.b. Copperman. "The Prevalence of Abnormal Mammograms in Ovum Recipients Does Not Correlate with Recipient Age." Fertility and Sterility 104.3 (2015): E32. Web.

Fung, M.y., P.g. Dwan, L. Hillis, J.c. Patel, D.l. Cunningham, and K.j. Go. "The Advent of Frozen Egg Banks: A Comparison of Outcomes to Fresh Donor Eggs." Fertility and Sterility 104.3 (2015): E32. Web.

Gebhart, M.b., R.s. Hines, A.d. Penman, and A.c. Holland. "Beliefs, Values, Knowledge, and Perspectives: Which Determinants Influence the Patient to Utilize Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS)?" Fertility and Sterility 104.3 (2015): E32-33. Web.

Tepper, A.b., C.m. Bergh, T. Molinaro, and P.a. Bergh. "Lessening the Burden of Care: Stepped vs. Fixed Estradiol Protocol for Frozen Embryo Transfer." Fertility and Sterility 104.3 (2015): E33. Web.

Smotrich, D., A. Botes, X. Wang, M. Gaona, and D. Batzofin. "Gay Surrogacy-the Quandry of Accessing Verifiable Facts." Fertility and Sterility 104.3 (2015): E33. Web.